“Who Are You?” Man brings home wrong dog from pet groomer

We all lead busy and confusing lives.

Sometimes we get distracted. Sometimes we forget to do things. Sometimes we don’t even recognize members of our family.

Wait, what?

That’s what happened to a Miami man who came home from the pet groomer with not his dog. And his son, Alex, who is Twitter user Pineappl3pizza, told the world about the mishap via social media.

As you do in 2018.

“My dad too my dog to PetSmart to get groomed and he came back with a different dog and didn’t notice until my brother and I told him something,” he posted along with a short video exposing the error.

“Who are you?” someone can be heard asking the fluffy white pooch.

The video has now been viewed almost 3 million times.

And then the dog was returned — along with another video as proof.

PetSmart, Alex told a growing legion of fans on Twitter, didn’t know about the mix-up and neither did the mystery dog’s owners.

This is not the 10-year-old Maltese named Nieves.

Still, there was a lingering concern his dad still didn’t have the right fur ball.

As evidenced by this text conversation.

But don’t worry.

Nieves is tip-top.

Photos @Pineappl3pizza/Twitter

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