Whoa! Giant gator on the green

Talk about playing golf in the rough.

Golfers at the Myakka Pines Golf Club in Florida took some amazing photos of a monster alligator strolling across a green.

Dick Huber snapped these photos on March 6 at White #7 green as the creature moved from one pond to another at the Englewood area course. And, the course, of course, shared them on Facebook.




And, Bill Susie took this one, which has now gone viral.

“What a dinosaur looking reptile!” the club noted on Facebook.


The photos (particularly the one above), have sparked a “huge debate,” the club notes, about whether they are photoshopped. But course officials assure media this is the real deal. “Gotta love it!!” the club adds.

Naturally, media outlets around the world have picked up the story, even though local golfers say the appearance of gators on the green is not that unusual. But you know what they say, any publicity is good publicity.

“Value of the internet!!! We could not pay for this kind of exposure. I am sooooo excited!!” the club notes. “YEA!!! Myakka Pines…we are on the map!!!”

And, it’s probably a good thing golfers are carrying clubs.

Photos Myakka Pines Golf Club/Facebook

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