Wild javelina breaks into vehicle in Arizona to chow down on a bag of Cheetos

Call it a criminal case of the munchies, but Arizona cops caught the critter culprit with craving for Cheetos.

The Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office recently released details of the piggish plot citing one “hungry-hungry javelina.”

On April 6, a deputy responded to a call in Cornville for the report of a wild Javelina inside a Subaru station wagon.

“After speaking with neighbors and the owner, it was learned the hatch back was left open during the night and the Javelina jumped inside attempting to eat a bag of Cheeto’s,” police posted on Facebook. “Can you blame him, who doesn’t love a midnight Cheeto snack?”

One hungry-hungry javelina. Photo: Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook

Once the javelina hopped inside, the rear hatch closed trapping the wild animal.

And that’s when things got messier than fingers left covered in orange dust.

“After licking the Cheeto bag crumb-less, his attempt to exit the vehicle proved to be more cumbersome than entering,” police said.

“The Javelina tore off a portion of the dashboard, the passenger door interior, and knocked the vehicle into neutral which caused it to roll out of the driveway and across the street until stopping under some trees,” police continued.

But nobody was hurt during the late-night snack that got a little hairy.

Who hasn’t had a hankering for Cheetos? Photo: Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook

The deputy managed to open the hatch and the javelina jumped out and took off into the wilderness.

Police also offer a pro-tip for local and visitors to the southwest: “It’s best not to feed javelina. Yes, it’s tempting, but when wild animals are fed by people it draws them into neighborhoods and can create unnecessary conflicts.”

Also, and this is a serious question: Who leaves their Cheetos in the car?

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