Wild Ride: Koala clings to car axel for 16 kilometres

By all accounts, this was an unusual hitchhiker.

Kelli the Koala hopped up into the axle of a parked car in Adelaide, Australia.

But when the car started moving – the driver unaware of the peculiarly placed passenger – Kelli was trapped in the wheel well.

For 16 kilometres.

But rescuers made quick work of the sticky situation.

Jane Brister from Fauna Rescue told Newstalk about the odd call for help.

“A member of the public called our 24-hour koala hotline – he had driven from his home in the Adelaide Hills 16 kilometres to a destination close to the city. He heard crying or a noise under his car, and when he investigated found the koala up under the front wheel arch.”

Voila: Kelli.

And plucked the wayward koala from the car.

The folks at Fauna Rescue said the koala was checked by a vet and released on private property.

“The owners of the property have vowed to keep an eye on her,” Brister told Newstalk.

Kelli was a new mother.

Wildlife workers searched, but sadly could not find her joey.

Main photo SA Metropolitan Fire/Twitter

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