Woman comes to rescue of porcupine with snow brush

Throwing caution to the wind, Raelene Prieb is truly an everyday hero.

The Melville, Saskatchewan woman just thought she was helping a creature in distress when she spotted a porcupine Monday on the snowy prairie.

“Apparently this little guy is stuck on his back,” she says from the safe end of a snow brush handle. “I know how you feel buddy. It happens to me in the morning sometimes.”

Despite kicking legs — and quills — she helps flip him over and on his way.

Porcupine is half way home. Raelene Prieb/Facebook

And now, her video is awing animal lovers around the world and has more than 4 million views.

“Had a Lorne Greene Wilderness moment on the way home from work today,” she wrote on Facebook.

Prieb even carves a path in the snow so the hapless porcupine can climb a “mean snowbank.”

And off he went into the forest.

“Saw him again today, he’s eating bark and living the dream,” Raelene Prieb posted in an update to her Facebook page.

Not even concerned about being hit by needles.

And shocked by the response.

“Truly was not expecting more than a few laughs from friends and family from this video, it’s a little overwhelming but I’m so grateful for the opportunity to share some love and mercy on this interweb…thanks for all the shares and comments, heck I was shocked when it hit 5000 and now it’s past 2 million! I’ve had many pms and hundreds of friend requests. Most of the comments are kind and happy, some are funny, some are mean, but take it with a grain of salt and laugh it off, God knows my heart and he works in mysterious ways 😉”

File under Canada.

Photo Raelene Prieb/Facebook

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