Woman offers flower to sloth. Sloth wants to cuddle. Internet melts

What happens when you offer a flower to a sloth?

You find out – incredibly slowly – that it would just rather have a hug.


And, wait for it, the internet cannot get enough. Even if people are only now catching on to The Wandering Biologist’s YouTube upload from earlier this fall.


The 1-minute 49-second video (which is worth every frame) is titled Adorable Sloth Just Wants to Cuddle.

“While visiting the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica it became clear that this sloth was not interested in eating the hibiscus flower,” The Wandering Biologist noted. “It just wanted a hug!”

Seriously, is there anything more chill than a sloth being offered a hibiscus?


Nope, this is pretty much the best.

Photos The Wandering Biologist/YouTube

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