Jefferson, the dog, who walked to Brazil with World Cup fans reunited with owner

Four British football fans are walking 1,200 miles from Mendoza in Argentina to Brazil to raise tens of thousands of dollars for charity and to fulfill their dream of watching the World Cup.

Along the way, they adopted a stray dog they named Stinky Jefferson who hitched up with them in Uruguay.

The four fans walked 1,200 miles to raise money for a charity to support people in the northeastern part of Brazil who are suffering after a devastating drought.

Adam Burns, David Bewick, Ben Olsen and Pete Johnston walked from Argentina, to Porto Alegre, Brazil, where FIFA gave them permission to walk on the pitch of Estádio Beira-Rio.

Here’s where you can help donate money to the people in Brazil. More than $20,000 have been raised already to build a well in Bahia.

The friends were joined in Uruguay by a stray dog which they named Stinky Jefferson. Walktotheworld

Challenges so far have seen them take on the harsh desert of San Luis, travel along a live train line in Justo Deract and through the swampy marshlands of Olearta.

The boys have been charged by bulls, electrocuted by a farmer’s fence and almost caught hyperthermia during a heavy thunderstorm while lost near the small town of Washington in Argentina.

Burns said Jefferson wasn’t the only dog that started the journey with them, but he stuck with them. Jefferson

We’ve been followed a lot on our journey by stray dogs, and we thought it was just another stray dog, but then after 30km, and we pitched our tent and then woke up the next morning, and he was still there, we thought he was a little different, and yes he completed the whole entire journey.”

But now after seeing Jefferson and the four dudes on television, it turns out Jefferson is really Negro and his owner Nacho hitchhiked to Brazil to be reunited with his dog.

See the joyful reunion here:

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