World’s most cruel zoo.

The Surabaya Zoo in Indonesia has been branded the worst in the world and it’s a reputation it deserves.

Elephants are shackled, camels starve and 150 pelicans are crammed into one cage.

Scores of rats live with the orangutans, as a writer for the Daily Mail found out during a recent visit.

Seeing animals in a cage is disturbing, but there are purposes in zoos. They play a role in breeding endangered species and in informing the public who may never get a chance to see critters in the wild.

But there is no reason for this zoo to exist. A Facebook page has been set up to draw attention to the deplorable conditions these animals live in at the zoo. More than 50 animals have died there in the last three months.

h/t: Daily Mai


Photo credit: Surabaya Zoo Animal Welfare Action

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