Yay to 3 snowmobilers who freed moose after avalanche

A moose in Alaska owes Marty Mobley, Rob Uphus and Avery Vucinich in a very big way.

The three men were snowmobiling around Hatcher Pass on Dec. 28 when they came upon an unusual sight in the snow.

“There was just enough of its snout sticking above the snow that it could breathe,” Mobley recently told the Alaska Dispatch News.

An avalanche buried the young moose, which the trio had mistaken at first for a skier. But they heard “moaning and groaning” and soon realized it was an animal that was hopelessly trapped. They started digging while also keeping an eye on the mountainside for another slide.

“It didn’t even fight us,” Mobley told the Alaska Dispatch News. “It was like, ‘Help me. Help me.’ It was totally docile and let us touch it. It just [lay] there.”

Then, the animal stood up, shook off the snow and ran off. The animal, miraculously, didn’t appear injured. The men told the newspaper they couldn’t walk away without helping the animal.

“Besides, we deal with a lot of avalanches and a lot of snow,” Mobley explained. “That kind of karma is something we don’t pass up.”

Though somehow we doubt the moose would return the favour.

h/t: Alaska Dispatch News Photo Avery Vucinich

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