Yes, Virginia: Cats can open doors

Here’s proof you don’t need opposable thumbs when you’re a genius escape artist.

Cubby is one clever cat who figured out how to get out from behind a closed bathroom door.

Twitter user @steeleio_ posted a video of her roommate’s impressive cat-robatics after she set up a hidden camera to catch Cubby in the act.

The 21-second video now has more than 4 million views.

Because. Cats. And, the internet.

And now, everyone else online is posting videos of their brilliant cat burglars.

Or, videos of their feline friends just generally jumping on things.

Like doors.

And cupboards and countertops to turn on faucets.

And, there’s also a smattering of dogs opening doors.

Cubby, now a viral sensation, is thanking everyone for the support.

Though frankly, it’s still not clear why he was holed up in the bathroom.

Photo @steeleio_/Twitter

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