You can party like an animal, but should you party with the animals? London Zoo says yes

London Zoo is re-launching its adults-only late night parties Friday nights this summer after criticisms that party-goers fuelled by alcohol might harm the animals at the zoo.

The zoo is serving what it calls a unique mix of wildlife and city life. Party animals can travel the world visiting the zoo’s animal’s habitats in this 9-hole course, featuring crazy loops, balancing beams and radical ramps.

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Activists say noisy visitors and too much alcohol put some of the zoo’s 19,000 animals at risk.

“Zoo Nights” was cancelled in 2015 following reports of wasted visitors harassing animals in enclosures. T

he zoo’s chief curator, Brian Zimmerman, said the idea that there are lots of drunk people “doing things that they shouldn’t be doing is really exaggerated.”

It’s been a few isolated incidents from several years ago. They were dealt with at the time and we haven’t had anything for the last few years,” Zimmerman told CBS News’ Imtiaz Tyab.

Areas have been closed off to protect the more sensitive animals and extra staff are on hand in case anyone gets out of control.

It’s not all fun and fauna for visitors who are greeted by protesters as they arrive. Those critics say the zoo is putting profits over animal protection.

“There is scientific evidence that shows that loud noises affect animals in captivity a lot,” said PETA¬† campaigns manager Jordi Casamitjana. “They get fearful, they get stressful.”

Zoo Nights is expected to make over a million dollars this summer with most of the cash going to conservation projects but more than 150,000 people have already signed a petition demanding the event be shut down.

They say party animals shouldn’t be anywhere near wild ones in captivity.

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