You’ll never walk alone if you’re walking on a farm

Scofflaw Farms in Cedar Falls, Tennessee north of Nashville is a place where you’ll never walk alone.

Here’s a short video of who joins in on a farm animal parade when the stroll begins.

Scofflaw Farm began with a few hens in a suburban backyard. Then came the goats–and the farm name–as the keeping of goat was, perhaps, not altogether in keeping with metropolitan Nashville building codes (or the preferences of our neighbors, according to the farm owners).​

In 2013, the family purchased a small 10 acre farm farm and named the place Scofflaw Farm for this reason:

We were no longer scoffing at the law (or, at least, codes of compliance), but we did not want to give up our herd name! And so we remain Scofflaw Farm, in name and spirit, if not in actuality.

YouTube: Scofflaw Farms

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