Zebras make a break from Philadelphia circus

You didn’t even need a ticket for this show. Zebras were running amok on the streets of Philadelphia Sunday afternoon. Well, a pair of circus zebras briefly made a bid for freedom before surrendering to police, but not before winning fans throughout Philly – and cyberspace.

The zebras somehow escaped from UniverSoul Circus, outside the Mann Center for the Performing Arts in west Philadelphia, prompting a flurry of photos and videos uploaded to social media. A spokesperson with UniverSoul told the Philadelphia Inquirer the zebras “briefly went on the loose” around 2 p.m.  Philadelphia police reported, with an amusing touch, that the critters were captured by about 3 p.m. 

“Zebras in custody,” police posted on Twitter. “They are already sporting old-timey prisoner getup ahead of trial and sentencing. Have faith, fellas.”

This is how it unfolded online.


The Black and White show at UniverSoul Circus
The Black and White show at UniverSoul Circus


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