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Sh*t that freaks us out.

November 24, 2020, No comments

We’ve all heard of ski bunnies and snow dogs. But a skiing cat? Well, one Alberta ski resort operator has brought on one adventurous — and very fluffy — cat […]

Giant gold dog statue unveiled in hermit country of Turkmenistan

November 14, 2020, No comments

A huge gilded statue of the Turkmen-bred shepherd dog known as Alabai has been unveiled in the capital by Turkmenistan’s president in an elabora ...

Rare baby rhino born during lockdown at Chester Zoo

November 13, 2020, No comments

The Chester Zoo may be locked down from visitors, but life continues in an exciting — and adorable — way behind closed gates. Zookeepers a ...

New species of marsupial found in Australia, a sign of hidden diversity

November 11, 2020, No comments

Two new species of glider have been discovered after Australian scientists decided to run DNA tests on the greater glider. It’s long been suspec ...