Jonathan, the world’s oldest tortoise, turns 191 years old

The U.S. may be electing its oldest president in its history this year, but Jonathan the tortoise won’t care.

In his lifetime, Jonathan has lived through two world wars, 40 U.S. presidents and 31 St. Helena governors.

Today, Jonathan peacefully roams the ground with three other giant tortoises called Emma, Fred and David.  This year, the world’s oldest tortoise turns 191 years old.

Jonathan is one of several giant tortoises that live in the grounds of Plantation House, the residence of the Governor of St Helena. Jonathan is believed to be the world’s oldest living land animal on the planet.

Visitors to the house can see Jonathan roaming around and he’s also depicted on the St. Helena’s 5 pence coin.

For most of Jonathan’s life, his actual birthday wasn’t known. But in 2022, he was officially given a birthdate of Dec 2 to 4.

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