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Lost. Found. Rescued.

October 20, 2020, No comments

Big or small. Fluffy or slithery. Here’s more proof animal rescue groups really do love them all. The Shades of Hope Wildlife Refuge in Pefferlaw, Ont. recently took in a […]

Oregon State Police officer catches cat in the act

October 11, 2020, No comments

Talk about having the reflexes of a cat. This Oregon trooper caught a kitty escape artist during a recent traffic stop. “You think you’re ...

Police reunite lost turtle with owner

October 9, 2020, No comments

While on patrol, police in Selma, California noticed something that didn’t seem quite right. The turtle was walking down McCall Avenue. At the t ...

World first: Formerly captive Beluga whales now tasting freedom in sanctuary off Iceland

October 4, 2020, No comments

It’s been a long time coming, but Little White and Little Grey are finally living life as Beluga whales were meant to — in the open ocean. ...