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Famous for their association and accomplishments.

November 29, 2020, No comments

U.S. President-elect Joe Biden has suffered hairline fractures in his mid-foot after twisting his ankle while playing with his family’s rescue dog, Major. Biden, who at 78-years-old is about to […]

Gary The Cat, yes, cat, hits the slopes at Alberta ski resort

November 24, 2020, No comments

We’ve all heard of ski bunnies and snow dogs. But a skiing cat? Well, one Alberta ski resort operator has brought on one adventurous — and ...

Lupo, beloved dog, of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge has died

November 22, 2020, No comments

Prince William and Kate Middleton know first hand no matter how famous you are, or whether you live in the lap of luxury, neither provides much comfor ...

Dogs are going back to the White House as Joe Biden becomes president-elect

November 7, 2020, No comments

Major Biden will make history as the first rescue dog to occupy the White House when Joe Biden is inaugurated a president in January. The former vice ...