dog steals reporter's mike

Dog grabs microphone during reporter’s live hit on Russian television

So many things can happen on live television and in Moscow this week, reporter Nadezda Serezhkina got interrupted by a very good dog.

The dog jumped up and grabbed her microphone as she was talking about the spring weather in Moscow.

As the anchor for Russian news channel Mir TV asked whether it was going to be time to put away those boring winter clothes, the reporter began saying how spring had finally arrived.

Serezhkina was reading out the news from the streets on live tv when a dog jumped in, grabbed her microphone and ran off with it.

“Hello Ellina,” the reporter was saying in the shot.

A video of the incident was shared on social media by a journalist and has been going viral ever since.

Here’s a video of a dog stealing a microphone during a live shot. You’re welcome.

— Andrew Feinberg (@AndrewFeinberg) April 2, 2021

The anchor looks on stoically as the reporter and the camera operator chased after the dog. Without expression, the anchor says:

“We appear to have lost contact with the reporter. We’ll get back to her as soon as possible.”

A few minutes later, the reporter and the dog went back on air live. The microphone was a bit chewed up and the dog was sitting like a very good dog next to the reporter as she finished off her report.

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