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November 23, 2018, No comments

Driver Jason White of Newfoundland was driving along the highway when he came across a herd of what looked like reindeer. They turned out to be caribou and they scattered […]

Christmas Surprise: Santa’s reindeer are all female. Yup, that’s a lady-driven sleigh.

December 24, 2017, No comments

As you track NORAD Santa and marvel at the speed his nine reindeer on Christmas Eve, remember this. Those powerful reindeer are girls. Yup, Rudolph an ...

Oil sands operator Cenovus uses critter cams to help guide environmental policies

January 3, 2017, No comments

Oil and gas companies take a lot of flak for their impact on the environment. And, not just for their contribution to greenhouse gas emissions, but fo ...

Moose ploughs through snow in winter wonderland

January 16, 2015, No comments

This is simply a cool piece of Canadiana.   A remote camera rigged up in Alberta’s Jasper National Park captures the comings and goings of a mo ...

  • What can you learn from ‘bou poo?
    April 1, 2014, No comments

    Universities across Canada are right now studying caribou pellets for different reasons. There are lots of different ways to learn about an animal. One way to gain lots of information […]