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November 28, 2019, No comments

Men’s underwear, instant coffee sachets, parts of plastic bags and plastic rope were found inside the stomach of a wild deer that died in a national park in Thailand. Officials […]

Drone video finds 11 elephants actually drowned in waterfall in Thailand

October 9, 2019, No comments

A horrific story about elephants drowning after trying to rescue one of their own, a calf, has turned even more horrible with video showing that 11 wi ...

Hundreds of bear claws leads to discovery of dead turtles in suspect’s home

January 22, 2019, No comments

The recovery of more than 1,600 bear claws seized from three suspected wildlife smugglers in Thailand has also uncovered the carcasses of dead turtles ...

First fish from Fukushima following nuclear disaster in 2011 arrives in Thailand

March 7, 2018, No comments

The first shipment of fresh fish from Fukushima prefecture, the site of the 2011 nuclear fallout, arrived in Thailand this week, a 110-kg shipment of ...