Alpaca on the lam corralled by RCMP in British Columbia after “late-night unescorted jaunt”

Chewy’s owner figured the 3-year-old alpaca may have gotten frightened and jumped the fence of his Nanaimo, B.C.-area home, which led to what RCMP called a “late-night unescorted jaunt.”

Around 2 a.m. Nov. 7, the alpaca wandered off from the safety of his South Wellington farm and sightings soon came in that Chewy was headed for the highway.

“Sure enough, the officers found Chewy on Highway # I checking out the lights and sounds and seeming to enjoy himself,” police said in a statement. “While it may have been fun for him, there was much concern for his safety and well-being.”

Alpaca on the lam outside Nanaimo. Photo: RCMP

Police used their cruisers to “gently guide him along” and convince Chewy to head home.

By around 3 a.m. Chewy was led back to his property and reunited with his extremely worried, but grateful owner, according to police.

All in all, with a little creativity, the incident was successfully dealt with and the officers now have a good story to share with their work mates,” said RCMP Const. Gary O’Brien said in a statement.

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