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July 8, 2020, No comments

Its parents tried to help in the wild, but ultimately it took a team of vets at an Australian zoo to save the injured bird. The endangered Carnaby’s Cockatoo was […]

Rare Javan Rhino captured on camera splashing in mud bath

July 6, 2020, No comments

 A rare Javan rhinoceros has been captured on camera rolling around in a mud bath in a national park on Indonesia’s Java island. There are only 72 ...

Elephant Sanctuary Brazil secures release of two zoo elephants from Argentina

July 3, 2020, No comments

After years of lobbying to get two African elephants residing in defunct zoo in downtown Buenos Aires, the pair will be relocated to a sanctuary in Br ...

Qatar animal rescue group brace for spike in dumped pets by expats forced to leave country

July 3, 2020, No comments

Expats leaving Qatar for their home countries in the midst of the coronavirus have been leaving their adopted pets behind, leaving one animal rescue g ...