Australia police flock to rescue of wayward budgie

Their biggest fear was that he’d wind up with smugglers — the wrong kind of smugglers.

On Saturday, police in Queensland Australia were working in Solway Street in Carina when they noticed a little budgie all alone.

“Without feather ado, officers smuggled him away to safety and took him to the station,” police said in a statement.

While in police custody, we can only assume, the normally talkative bird, also known as a parakeet, was questioned, but cat must have gotten its tongue.

Investigators turned to social media.

“He is receiving the best possible tweetment but we don’t want to end up with a #budgiesmuggler tag,” Queensland Police tweeted.

And so began the search for the owner.

As did the puns.

“Patrick the budgie has been reunited with his family!” police announced later Sunday. “Bird on the street is that he was very spoilt while he was waiting to be pecked up.”

Patrick the budgie is now back home with with his best mate, a bird named Happy, which that budgie surely is.

“Thanks to the officers who did an im-peck-able job at looking after Patrick,” police added as they closed the case.

“Birds of a feather, back together,” police said.

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