Best in Show Petting? One man’s Westminster mission

UPDATE BELOW: He did it!


Some people collect stamps. Others stockpile coins. But for chap named Ben Rose, handing out pets to the world’s finest dogs is his thing. (He may well be the only person in the world with such a specific – and, perhaps peculiar – passion.)

The New York City man, who goes by the Twitter handle @BenPetsPups, is now making the rounds at the venerable Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on a self-described “dog petting odyssey.” His goal? Pet 139 dogs at the 139th annual dog show, which kicked off Monday.

“Can I beat my last years record of 138?! Stay tuned!!” he tweeted.

He kicked things off with one bloodhound, two corgis, one deerhound, and two foxhounds.

He racked up 53 pooches on Day 1 of the challenge, but saw at least 100 dogs as the hounds, toy, non-sporting and herding groups squared off. He’ll have to step up his game on Tuesday’s final day of the show when the sporting, working and terrier breeds strut their stuff.  Meanwhile, the Seattle Kennel Club even upped the ante.

Also, it should be noted, nice toque.

On the final day of the show, Rose moved quickly to sped his game up a notch. And also rolled out some more puns.


And, for the grand finale.

Congratulations, Ben Rose. Now, what’s your next trick?

Photos Ben Rose/Twitter

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