Boo! It’s Halloween and critters around the world are cavorting with pumpkins

Since it’s Halloween, may we present our annual round of up critters with pumpkins.

The tiger pictured above is named Hunter. He has a congenital eye condition, which impairs his vision, but surgeons at Australia Zoo have been treating him and he’s doing well.

Also, here’s also a boatload of kangaroos at the zoo.


Wolf meets Jack-O-Lantern at Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo.


This lion at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden isn’t a scaredy cat.


Lobi turns 9 today and at the Calgary Zoo he always celebrates the hippo’s big day with pumpkins. His nickname, fittingly, is Ghost.


Ronnie and Minnie are pumpkin passing experts at the Elephant Sanctuary of Tennessee.


And, here’s Honey Bee, the blind cat from Fiji, taking in a pumpkin patch.


Boo scary! Check out this vulture at Zoo Miami.


And, who knew a tortoise could be so scary. But don’t get between this guy and his pumpkin snack at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.


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