Bounce the Dog wins the internet, and you should listen to him when looking for love

In it’s very serious vein of reportage, the BBC recently invited a dog on as an expert in the world of relationships, and well, all things human.

Heading into Valentine’s Day, and leaping off a new study that found dogs can recognize happy and angry faces, the broadcaster hosted Bounce the dog on set. And, the appearance burned through social media.

But animal psychologist Dr. Roger Mugford, and his golden Labrador, studiously talked about the study. (Well, Dr. Mugford did most of the talking.) He pointed out that dogs have many channels of communication, can perceive illnesses such as cancer, and are even a good judge of character to help their human friends choose a new partner.

Here’s the appearance.

Then Tim Johns, a radio producer and bit of a comedian, had a little fun with it.

Photo BBC

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