Why on earth is Marineland still open?

A more appropriate objective headline would be: Two more beluga whales have died at Marineland, the troubled tourist attraction.

But frankly, the frustrated headline above is more appropriate.

There’s been 17 whales who have died since 2019. The latest two died in March. Ontario’s Animal Welfare Services has been investigating the Niagara Falls tourist attraction since 2020.

“The ministry has been made aware that two beluga whales at Marineland have passed away this March,” said Brent Ross, a spokesman for the Ministry of the Solicitor General, the government body responsible for animal welfare.

The province did not say how the whales died.

In a statement, Marineland said “independent necropsies confirm the two belugas both died from torsion after valiant medical efforts to assist them.”

Torsion refers to an abnormal twisting of the stomach.

“All the whales are under constant weekly supervision and oversight by the government regulator and cared for daily by in-house vets and numerous external consultants,” Marineland’s statement said.

“The reality is that all animals eventually die from one cause or another whether in the wild or captivity.”

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