U.S. Coast Guard airlifts dog to safety after pooch falls off Oregon cliff

It was a New Year’s Day miracle for Leo the dog.

The dog somehow tumbled off a cliff in Oregon’s Ecola State Park and that’s when the U.S. Coast Guard’s aircrew from Astoria literally leapt into action.

And, the entire amazing rescue was all caught on video. The “hoist cam footage” was shared by the Coast Guard on social media this week.

It was Monday afternoon when first responders, including local fire departments, were setting up to rappel down the cliffside when the Coast Guard showed up.

A rescue swimmer was sent down a long line to begin the rescue.

The aircrew began the rescue by dropping down via long line from the helicopter. Photo: USCGPacificNW/X

After landing on solid ground, it was time to approach the obviously frightened dog.

The crew member slowly approached the dog and crouched to pick him up. Photo: USCGPacificNW/X

The dog was then secured to the hoisting basket.

The dog appeared to stay still in basket. Photo: USCGPacificNW/X

Then it was time to ride back up to the helicopter with the crew member by the dog’s side.

The amazing rescue effort was all captured on video. Photo: USCGPacificNW/X

By 4:15 pm, the helicopter landed in a nearby parking lot where Leo could be reunited with his owners.

Leo appeared to be in pretty good shape despite the ordeal. Photo: USCGPacificNW/X

The aircrew member lifted Leo into their arms. They were clearly overjoyed and thankful at the happy reunion.

The outcome could have been so much worse.

Leo, no doubt, was happy to be back on solid ground. Photo: USCGPacificNW/X

Now, the Coast Guard crew is being heralded online as heroes.

While it wasn’t immediately clear how Leo was faring, his owner later told officials he was in remarkable shape despite the ordeal.

“Leo stayed overnight at an emergency vet,” the owners said. “He has a few cuts and bruises. All things considered, he is doing good. We are so thankful he is alive and expected to recover.”

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