Chester the kitten lost by Air Canada returns home to Vancouver

Chester, a seven-month-old Scottish Fold kitten, has returned home after being lost for almost a month after escaping at the Montreal airport.

Chester was enroute from Montreal to Surrey after her owner Amanda Stewart bought the cat from a Quebec breeder for $1,200.

But the cat escaped from its airline approved carrier on May 21.

Last week, an airport employee found Chester around an airport fence. The blue-grey short-haired Scottish fold-a breed characterized by its folded-over ears and big eyes-was put in a live cargo on May 21.

The cage somehow got unlatched and the cat escaped.

Stewart was told the bottom of the door had somehow gotten loose enough to allow the cat to get out. She suspects Chester is still at the Montreal airport, hiding.

He was found, as she suspected, still near the airport a month later.

A bit more skinny than when he was prepared to be shipped to the west. Airport food, apparently, can do that to a cat.

h/t: CBC

Photo credit: Global News

Post by Amanda Stewart/Facebook

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