Dik-dik tangled in snare saved by anti-poaching squad on patrol in Kenya

When most people think of the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, they imagine baby elephants being rescued and rehabilitated.

But the Kenyan-based animal welfare organization also operates anti-poaching teams that are set up to deter illegal activity and save animals of all kinds impacted by poaching.

The group recently highlighted one particularly fortunate dik-dik.

“This is one of the lucky ones,” Sheldrick Trust posted to social media Sunday along with a photo of the small antelope.

The dik-dik is a small antelope that lives in the bushlands of Africa. Photo: Sheldrick Wildlife Trust/X

“Our SWT/KWS Burra Anti Poaching Team discovered the tiny dik-dik caught in a wire snare,” the group explained. “They cut him free before deadly damage was done.”

In 2022, the organization’s efforts removed 12,592 snares and helped in 989 arrests with the Kenyan Wildlife Service (KWS).

“Ivory and rhino horn poaching, habitat destruction and bushmeat poaching are having a devastating effect on Africa’s wildlife and wild spaces,” the trust’s website explains. “Our skilled front line teams, accompanied by armed KWS Rangers and supported by our Aerial and Canine Units, are fully trained and equipped to deter and prevent illegal wildlife activities, as well as launch ambushes, with any necessary arrests carried out by KWS.”

Who knows how many animals have been saved in the course of their efforts, but surely it’s in the thousands and, according to the trust, cannot be done without the support of donations.

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