Florida boy knocked off surfboard by shark. (Don’t worry he’s totally fine)

This little surfing dude now has a whale of a tale.

Seven-year-old Chandler Moore now has GoPro footage of being knocked off his surfboard by a shark while riding some waves over the weekend at New Smyrna Beach in Florida.

“Chandler and I had a blast surfing today!” his father, Shaun Moore posted on Instagram. “Funny, he told me on one of his waves a ‘fish’ knocked him off his board.”

The family later replayed the video — the camera was mounted to Chandler’s surfboard — and whoa.

“Sure enough, it’s a blacktip shark!” Moore wrote.

The proof is in the video.

“Sooooo…didn’t really wanna have to show mom this,” Moore wrote. “…Pretty wild experience, glad Chandler made it out safe!”

And not just safe.

“Chandler is doing great (actually bragging about this),” Moore added.

Photo Shaun Moore/Instagram

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