Harry Styles hung out at a superfan’s house and fed her fish.

Under the sub headline of Anything Can Happen in 2020, there’s this:

Harry Styles’ car broke down in front of a fan’s house. A neighbour let him in, Harry drank tea with her dad and fed the fish.

The fan, Theadora, wasn’t home.

But the photo of Harry feeding her fish is proof it happened.

Theadora shared the story which is a fan fiction come to life on Twitter but has kept her information private. She wrote that on Oct 28, Styles’ car broke down on her street, a neighbor let the former One Direction member wait inside her home.

Styles reportedly passed the time by drinking a cup of tea with Theadora’s dad, signing her albums (and adding a COVID-friendly mask to the cover) and feeding her fish.

This is simultaneously the greatest and worst thing to ever happen to Theadora, and we are equal parts ecstatic and heartbroken for her.

Theadora has kept her social media private so as not to be inundated with thousands of interview requests, but she did share a few pictures of Styles that her dad snapped in her home, and included the note the singer left for her.


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