Jill Biden and Commander watch the upcoming Puppy Bowl

Ahead of Puppy Bowl 2022 and that other big event…oh, yeah, the Super Bowl Feb 13, the White House shared a new video of Dr. Jill Biden and their new puppy Commander.

The all-new video message from Dr. Jill Biden will air during Puppy Bowl XVIII. In the clip, the First Lady introduces the Biden family puppy, Commander.

Dr. Biden also reminds viewers of this Valentine’s Day-themed clip about how special our pets are.

“Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays because it’s all about love. What’s so wonderful about having pets is that they bring us unconditional love, joy and comfort every day.”

Commander, Dr. Biden’s costar in the clip, moved into the White House in December 2021.

In January, Willow the 2-year-old tabby cat joined the Bidens as well.

Dr. Jill Biden and Commander Watch the Puppy Bowl

This year, the Puppy Bowl weekend programming leading up to the big game will also be all about love with specials like Inside the BowlWhere Are They Now, and From Puppy Bowl with Love. These programs highlight the most loving and endearing moments from Puppy Bowl’s 18-year history, including fuzzy-faced kisses, sideline snoozers, and water bowl splashing.

Puppy Bowl XVIII weekend is about how truly special a pet’s love is and how an animal’s life can be transformed when given a second chance.  

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