Lost dog? Singer Jann Arden has just the gizmo for you

Jann Arden is a pretty famous singer-songwriter. She’s also an animal-lover. And now, she is looking to the public to invest in her high-tech dog collar that is designed to track down lost pets.

The Arden Collar (and bracelet for wayward humans) is a GPS enabled device that allows owners to locate their lost pooches on their phones. The collars even light up to alert those around the animal that the dog is lost. And a smart phone app allows owners to pinpoint their pets in real time and identify the owner of any missing pooch they may encounter.


Arden’s crew is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo hoping to raise $400,000. So far, the concept has crested $22,000. Each device starts at $149.

Arden calls it a “halo about your dog’s head.”

“The last thing I ever want to do in this world is lose this dog and I have before and it is completely frightening,” Arden says in a promotional video.

Arden Collar Promo Video w/Jann Arden from Diffurence on Vimeo.

The technology isn’t just meant for dogs. The bracelet version is designed for people who may suffer from dementia or are prone to wandering. Officials hope the gadgets will be ready for production and shipping in October, 2015.

h/t CTV Photos Diffurence/Vimeo

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