Lost your pig? Ontario Provincial Police have nabbed a one big wayward sow

A pig on the lam in eastern Ontario has police rooting around for her owner.

“Have you misplaced your pig?” Ontario Provincial police in Lanark tweeted this week. “She was found wandering in Dalhousie Twp, is very friendly & misses her family.”

A rural resident reported a large sow wandering and feeding around his property for three days last Friday. Police responded to the 2nd Concession Dalhousie in the Township of Lanark Highlands and found one big pig. The public was only alerted to the lost pig this week when a news release was issued and investigators turned to social media for help.

“The pig appeared friendly and cooperative and surrendered into OPP custody,” Constable David Bird said in a release.


But this pig wasn’t taken to the clink. Instead, she is now in temporary comfy digs at a farm.

“The officers were immediately sensible to likelihood of the story ‘going viral’ and initiated checks of all straw, stick and brick houses in the area,” police said. “No next of kin was established.”

Please call 1-888-310-1122 if you know anything about who might be missing one lovely pig.

Photos Ontario Provincial Police/Twitter

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