Merry Critter-mas!

On this Christmas Day, we present animals with Santa. Also, animals in holiday garb. And, a smattering of pets with presents. The reindeer above come courtesy of the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. (You can learn more about Santa’s reindeer here.) Below, you’ll find a red and green critter cornucopia. Enjoy.

Oakley, the dog that sings Let it Go, poses with Santa. You can follow the so-called Frozen puppy on Facebook, which is where we found this photo.


Here’s Marvel, a Bulldog rescued by The Mia Foundation, a non-profit that rehabilitates animals with severe birth defects. Marvel’s growth from puny pooch to perfect permanent home is celebrated on the group’s Facebook page, along with this delightful picture.


Carol Ann Nicholson Morris shared this photo of Wrigley all decked out in holiday costume to Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary.


The non-profit based in Mount Juliet, TN, takes care of elderly dogs and helps find them forever homes. And on Christmas Eve, they waited patiently for Santa.


The feline friends at Big Cat Rescue got some early Christmas presents. The Tampa, FL-based sanctuary takes care of exotic cats posted this photo of one of its leopards on Christmas Eve.


Presents were also handed out at the Cheetah Conservation Fund. And, if you’re super into cheetahs, you can also check out this gallery of cheetahs with their presents at the Namibia-based research and conservation group.


And, behold this lemur at the Australia Zoo, also opening presents. Because, well, lemur.


This is Toretto, who was found on the streets of West Philly. She is now up for adoption at PAWS (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society) and while most folks frown on pets as Christmas gifts, this is pretty adorable. Ridiculous, but adorable.


Speaking of Santa outfits. Here’s Munchkin the Shih Tzu, who has gained pretty incredible Facebook following since her many,many YouTube videos went viral.


This is my friend’s dog Bella. Christmas Bella. With balls, which I believe has Justin Bieber on them, not that you can tell.

xmas bella

This is my cousin-in-law’s cat, Pagal. This cat does Grinch in style.


Like, seriously awesome.

santa pagal

Happy holidays from Critter Files.

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