Mounties make Grinch-themed, dog-filled Christmas crime warnings

Leave it to the Mounties to revamp an old Christmas tale.

Take the RCMP detachment in Cranbrook, B.C., which is making sure the Grinch does not steal Christmas. Or at least the porch pirates steer clear with a with a little help from police dog Denim.

And, some slight reworking of the seasonal Dr. Seuss story.

Every Cranbrookian down in Cranbrook liked Christmas a lot.

But the Grinch west of Cranbrook did not.

And I think that by now we might know the reason

The Grinch hated Christmas and the whole Christmas Season,” police wrote. 

Police dog Denim is on patrol. Photo: RCMP

“Then along comes our hero, the four legged kind

No, not Max with his antler, but Denim, our new mastermind,” Mounties added.

He did it before, and he’ll do it again.

Recover stolen package and get them back home.

Once again this Christmas season Denim came and saved the day

Now the packages are being delivered, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

So when opening your presents wrapped nicely under the tree

Think of Denim and his handler, who saved Christmas merrily!”

K9 Denim has your back. Photo: Cranbrook RCMP

RCMP Constable Kathy Forgeron also offered a reminder.

If you think you are missing a package please contact the delivery company before contacting the RCMP,” she wrote.

Meanwhile, across the province in Ridge Meadows, B.C. Mounties created a Who-style video to warn of the perils of drunk driving, car prowling and thieving in general.

As every Who knows, don’t drink and drive. RCMP Ridge Meadows/Facebook

“We wanted to share with our communities a very special Holiday Christmas message wrapped up with some good old crime prevention messaging,” RCMP Superintendent Jennifer Hyland said in a statement.

“We probably won’t be nominated for any film awards but we had a lot of fun putting this Eight and a half minute short-film together,” she added. “We hope it puts a smile on your face.”

Don’t be a Grinch this Christmas. RCMP Ridge Meadows/Facebook

The result is “Every Who in Ridge Meadows.”

And it includes a special appearance by Max, who is actually a very good dog.

Photos RCMP 


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