Orphaned baby kangaroo leaps into officer’s shirt, warms hearts worldwide

Cuejo is the most popular kangaroo in Australia.

The four-month-old baby roo was found on March 9 in its dead mother’s pouch after she was hit by a truck. The orphaned joey was handed over over to Western Australia’s Cue Police, specifically Constable Scott Mason, who has experience in animal husbandry, and has since become an internet star.

“I inspected the joey for any injuries to his limbs and tail,” Const. Mason explained in a Facebook post. “Luckily he had not sustained any injuries. The joeys mother had been hit by a large truck and with how the mother was described it was a miracle he is alive at all.”


Const. Mason took home the “extremely dehydrated” and malnourished orphan.

“He was extremely stressed and was difficult to calm him down. I placed him in a pillow case and in a dark quiet room of my house, after 10 minutes he appeared to be more stressed,” he said.


The police department quickly settled on the name Cuejo in the most adorable fashion. With this video of the little kangaroo jumping into the Const. Mason’s shirt.



Const. Mason said he did the same thing when the joey first arrived at the station.

“I placed him down my shirt which immediately calmed him down, I believe due to him feeling my heart beat,” he said.

This adorable video has viewed more than 2.5 million times in just a few days.



But it has also raised some questions from the public. The department has now issued this update to address concerns.

“We would like to emphasise Constable Mason has qualifications in animal husbandry. He was previously a paramedic and is getting assistance from a great registered carer located in Cue. This is all ensuring that Cujoe is receiving the best possible care and is destined for the re-homing project and will NOT be kept as a pet,” police said.

The little kangaroo has slowly been gaining weight and is feeding every three hours. As part of his re-release program, once he’s about a year old, he’ll be introduced to other kangaroos his age and slowly allowed to venture from the property and eventually, encourage to find his own food and water.

“He is a very affectionate animal more than I could ever imagine,” Const. Mason noted. “…Cuejo and I have established such a strong bond in only a short time, which just makes the day he is released that much more special. I will have raised him as my second child, but unlike a child once he has been released, I am not sure I will see him. Lots of memories to be made and love to be shared, in the end he is a wild animal given a second chance at the hand of a caring human.”


Photos Western Australia Police/Facebook/Twitter

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