People are freaking out over this cat with a human face

Is it a cat or is it human?

Or is there a tiny little human in every cat?

One thing is certain: this cat has a strangely human face.

Apologies now for reminding you of Yogi, the pooch with the human-dog-face.

Back the the odd cat.

Her name is Valkyrie and she currently resides in Russia at Catsvill County, which breeds Maine Coon cats.

The cattery’s Instagram account is filled with photos and videos of the breed, and many look strikingly human.

But Valkyrie became a thing when LadBible decided to post the video under the heading “Cat With Human Face.” And because cats rule the internet, since Friday the video has clicked more than 10 million views and been shared 180,000 times.

But seriously.

Look. At. This. Cat.

Many can’t quite put their finger on it.

People say the kitties look like mini-werewolves to the creature Michael Jackson turns into in the Thriller video to Harry Potter’s Hermione Granger after guzzling polyjuice potion to just plain creepy.

Funny thing, the cattery does have a cat named Michael Jackson.

This is a cat named Michael Jackson. Photo: Catsvill County.

Beware the rabbit hole you are about to go down.

Can’t. Stop. Staring. At. These. Cats.

Oh, and Valkyrie?

She already has a new home.

Photos Catsvill County/Instagram

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