Puppies dumped at roadside rescued in Prince Albert

They are about 6 weeks old, still too young to be away from their mother.

But someone left these five puppies in a box on the side of the highway not far from the Prince Albert SPCA office in Saskatchewan.

“Luckily someone saw them, pulled over, scooped them up and brought them into our care,” the animal shelter posted on Facebook Friday.

“It is crushing seeing these little ones abandoned, and discarded like they are worthless. But we are happy to know they are safe now and will have brighter futures ahead of them.”

By Saturday a foster family had stepped up.

The puppies are not yet available for adoption.

But the SPCA is asking for donations of either puppy milk replacement, dry puppy food or cash for their care.

Meanwhile, the shelter is convinced if the good Samaritan didn’t stop to check out what was on the roadside, these puppies wouldn’t have survived.

Photo Prince Albert SPCA/Facebook


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