Rabbit with a “death wish” wows wildlife officials in Alberta

This is one brave little bunny. Not even wolves, cougars and bears could deter it from hanging around a very popular “rub tree” in one of Alberta’s Rocky Mountain parks.

Alberta Parks officials set up remote cameras throughout Kananaskis Country, just west of Calgary, as part of ongoing animal research work. But when these images were recently collected, wildlife workers were wowed. Dubbed “Rabbit with a death wish,” Alberta Parks posted a video of its findings to YouTube.

“This Snowshoe Hare seemed quite obsessed with the area around this rub tree! Why it would have this death wish is beyond us,” officials wrote. “A large number of carnivores that eat hares regularly visit the tree, and it seems quite obvious they’re not only interested on the scents on the tree, but the hare scent on the ground! Flirting with death at every excursion, the hare did survive!”


Photo Alberta Parks/YouTube

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