Rescue dog blinded with hair dye faces new battle

Percy captured hearts in Manitoba – and across Canada – last month after a child deliberately rubbed hair dye into the puppy’s eyes leaving him almost completely blind. And now, there’s more bad news for the little Jack Russell Terrier-Border Collie cross.

The rescue organization that is now caring for the seven-month-old pooch says he has been diagnosed with Corneal Endothelial Dystrophy, which causes thickening of the cornea and fluid build-up within the eye.

“The damage to his eyes is more extensive and heartbreaking than we initially thought,” Jessica Hansen, executive director of Manitoba Underdogs Rescue, said in a statement on March 17. “If left untreated, it will cause extreme pain and total blindness. Treatment options do exist, but are expensive and risky. At this time, Percy’s future is uncertain.”

Percy, short for perseverance, was surrendered to the non-profit rescue group on Feb. 9, days after the child abused the dog.

A neighbour who spotted the pooch, with cloudy blue eyes and obviously in pain, called local RCMP in an undisclosed northern Manitoba community after the owner refused to help the dog, according to the Winnipeg Free Press. Percy was then flown to Winnipeg for treatment free of charge by Perimeter Aviation.

“Percy came to us in scared, confused and in desperate need of medical attention,” the rescue centre said.


Veterinarians at Dakota Veterinary Hospital, Southglen Veterinary Hospital and the University of Saskatchewan, stepped in to help.

Percy has about 25 per cent sight remaining in one eye; sight in the other cannot be regained. Officials are hoping to save what little sight he has left with surgery.

“Obviously removal is the last thing we want to do, but our first priority to stop this little guy from being in any pain,” the group said.

Donations of food and supplies have already been pouring in.


But now, the group is “pleading to dog lovers everywhere” to help raise $5,000 for Percy’s care.

Here are some videos of Percy as he recovers.

Photos Percy Wonderdog/Facebook 

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