Smuggled tiger cub thriving at San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Remember that smuggled tiger cub?

The one an American teenager was allegedly trying to bring into the United States from Mexico last month.

Well, in case you were wondering how the little Bengal tiger was doing, we have an update for you from the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

The little cat, dubbed “Rescue Cub” is doing really well.

The cub is being bottle-fed six times a day with a special carnivore formula made for exotic carnivores/San Diego Zoo Safari Park

He is packing on the the weight. His teeth are coming in. And he’s talking like crazy.

Zookeepers also offer some advice.

“Having a tiger cub as a pet is a ridiculously bad idea.”

Still, so very adorable.

The case is still before the courts, but sadly it’s not unique.

Photos San Diego Zoo Safari Park

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