Someone robbed the Dartmouth SPCA of all its pet food and animal beds

It’s hard to fathom, but someone broke into Nova Scotia SPCA’s Dartmouth shelter and took all of the pet food and animal beds.

“The Dartmouth SPCA was robbed,” the shelter posted Friday. “Yes, sadly you read that right. 💔

“Someone broke into our storage shed and stole our pet food and beds. We are heartbroken,” it added.

Now the facility is being flooded with donations from animal lovers all over.

The shelter has added a new security system and is filling its shelves — and thanking everyone for their generosity during such a tough time.

“This has been a difficult two years and we understand that this was likely done out of desperation,” the shelter posted on its Facebook page. “So, we want to take this opportunity to remind everyone that we are always here to help – especially in a time of crisis. It never needs to come to this.”

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