Stolen horses found wandering in a field far from home

It appears some Canadian horse rustlers have headed for the hills.

Six horses, which were stolen from a central Alberta farm last week, have now been found.

Thunder Valley Ranches announced the good news on Facebook last night.

“I have no doubt that the thieves panicked with all the social media attention,” the Cameron family wrote. “They were dumped in a lease between Rocky Mountain House and Buck lake. It’s been very hard as I have been away working and I want to give a special thanks to my neighbor Wade Lawrence who helped the girls haul them home tonight.
I have three very happy girls tonight, can’t wait to get home for Christmas!”

The horse thefts made headlines after RCMP issued an urgent call for tips.

And word spread like wildfire through social media.

“These horses are like family to their owners,” RCMP Corporal Curtis Peters said at the time. “They are devastated by this. It’s our hope that they can be returned safe and sound as soon as possible.”

Buddy has been found!

The family even offered a $2,500 reward.

Peppy is back home!

It’s just too bad horses can’t talk. What a tale would they tell.

Willard is also back with his owners.

“All 6 horses have been found and brought home!” Cornelia Cameron wrote on Facebook. “Thank you to all the public for helping!”

Solstice is back with family.

Photos RCMP handout

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