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March 22, 2017, No comments

This tweet got Australia’s Police Minister Troy Grant into the doghouse. The National Party MP, who is the country’s police minister, had to admit he broke the law after tweeting […]

Not really free-range, Australian producer fined for claiming hens roamed outdoors

September 14, 2015, No comments

Australia’s Federal Court has ordered an egg producer to pay a $250,000 fine after misleading its eggs as “free range” when in fact ...

Close Encounter with shark scores film crew rare close-up

May 13, 2015, No comments

An Australian documentary filmmaker got footage of a lifetime after a shark flashed a smile at him for the cameras. Sharks have a pretty bad reputatio ...

Tourist pleads for tiger’s life after mauling at Thai Tiger Kingdom

November 10, 2014, No comments

A tiger took a chunk out of Australian tourist Paul Goudie’s leg in Thailand. He blames the elephant. It’s a great tale of wild animal beh ...