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April 3, 2019, No comments

An activist group and a French ocean observatory are warning that record number of mutilated dolphins are washing up off the coast of France with most of the injuries as […]

French customs officers rescue lion cub from garage in Marseille

October 27, 2018, No comments

Not yet weaned, only a few kilograms and perhaps 1 to 2 months old. She was destined for the illegal wildlife trade. That was until France’s cus ...

Watch as a runaway horse in France takes a detour through a cafe

October 3, 2018, No comments

Have you heard this one? A horse walked into a bar… Actually, it was a gallop. The joke became a reality in the town of Chantilly, north of Pari ...

Frisky porpoise who likes to rub against humans causes swimming ban off coast of France

August 27, 2018, No comments

Zafar the dolphin likes getting close to swimmers on the coast near Landevennec in France where his amorous attentiosn has led to the temporary closur ...

  • Barking news: DOGTV makes leaps and bounds into Europe
    October 17, 2014, 1 Comment

    The world’s first television channel meant for dogs, not their owners, will soon broadcast in Germany, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The DOGTV  deal with Deutsch Telecom will mean programming designed for pooches […]

  • This escape cat can’t be caged
    March 19, 2014, No comments

    Thumbs. Who needs thumbs? Certainly not Chamallow (or Marshmallow) who has become dubbed “the cat king of escape” for making easy work of lock picking. The cat, which is the […]