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October 3, 2019, No comments

Sometimes animal rescue groups really need to think outside the box. Take Animal Rahat in India. The group stepped in to save an owlet when a tree fell and destroyed […]

Caught on Video: Mumbai Police officer saves dog from drowning in monsoon flooding

July 6, 2019, No comments

Monsoon flooding has battered parts of India with Mumbai particularly hard hit. At least 30 people have been killed and some are still missing, as cou ...

Stranded baby elephant rescued by Indian workers after getting stuck in a lake

May 12, 2019, 1 Comment

Using boats and a lot of patience, rescuers managed to get a baby elephant out of a lake in India. The elephant calf was stranded in the Deepor Beel l ...

India and Pakistan join forces despite political differences to save rare Indian Star Tortoise

April 16, 2019, No comments

The Indian Star Tortoise is widely trafficked for used as an exotic pet in the international market and India and Pakistan are joining forces to try a ...