The Cat Rapper loves his cats. Like, really, REALLY loves his cats

Move over crazy cat lady. MSHO “the Cat Rapper” is in the house.

Iammoshow could be the king of the cat dudes. And, he may well be the best cat dad of all time. While cradling, cuddling and balancing his “cat family” – Sushi, MegaMam, Tali and Ravioli – the rapper known as iAmMoshow, reminds us all that #CatPeopleRule.


But the Baltimore-based animal lover also has a serious message for pet owners not to declaw their kitties.

Honestly, could this guy be any more cat-tastic? A wookiee hoodie and hairless cats. Like, this picture alone is worth one million Dr. Evil dollars.


He proclaims his love for cat ladies and cat guys. And he even does it in song.

One thing is clear, cats really do rule the internet.


Here’s his ear worm for you one more time. Feel free to play it any day, not just on “Beautiful Cat Lady Wednesday.”

h/t People Photos Iammoshow/Facebook

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