‘Tis the season … for wildlife to get tangled in Christmas decorations

Those who live near — or in — wildlife habitats have learned how to get along with bears, elk and other Rocky Mountain critters.

That is especially true this time of year when it comes to lights, tinsel and other holiday decor.

“Wildlife may be attracted to trees in search of food,” Jasper National Park in Alberta warned Saturday. “Christmas lights can easily get tangled in their antlers, leading to stressed and potentially injured animals.”

Spare a thought for elk and deer this Christmas. Photo: Jasper National Park/Facebook

The park warns residents to hang lights well above the reach of elk antlers.

It also says to secure them to solid structures and not hang them across open areas, which may prevent animals from passing.

World-famous Banff National Park is also warning people about using lights with cords.

It also suggests using timers to preserve the dark-night sky — and conserve energy.

“Instead of being Naughty,” Banff posted on social media recently, “let’s stay on the Nice list by being mindful of our antler friends.”

Tangled lights can cause stress, exhaustion and injury to animals. Photo: Banff National Park/Facebook

Oh, and as much as we don’t want Christmas to be over, don’t forget to take them down when the festive season ends.

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